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Does your child want to go deeper into subjects that really excite them, or to explore new subjects? More than at any time in the past, there are lots of exceptional resources available for students who want to take greater responsibility for their own learning. The sites we list are mainly free, though sometimes there may be a charge for certificates.

Here are just a few! Please let us know about others you have tried and can recommend, so that we can build a more complete set. Cherwell encourages students to challenge and stretch themselves, so we haven’t categorised the list by year - have a look, try things out, and find your own level.


khanacademy.org covers all the maths and most of the science you will need at school, with questions to work through, awards to keep you motivated, a very clear structure to help find your way through, and more . . They are also building up resources in other subjects, particularly science, but also including material on philosophy from wi-phi.com . (Free)

mooculus.osu.edu (from the Ohio State University) provide a very enthusiastic, popular introductory course to Calculus, linked to their courses on Coursera. (Free).

codecademy.com is a good starting point if you want to learn to code in a number of computer programming languages, including Python and Ruby. (Free).

cambridgegcsecomputing.org provides a free and professional course with videos and more, covering the entire GCSE Computer Science syllabus. (They don’t do assessment for the GCSE.)

coursera.org and edx.org both have lots of courses on lots of subjects, from a range of universities. Most are introductory college-level courses, but there are some at high school level. Courses generally have a start and end date.  All are free, though there are sometimes options to pay for verified certificates.

futurelearn.com is a similar site, run by the Open University, and often includes courses suitable at a more accessible level. Courses are free, though they charge around £25 if you want a certificate of participation.


East Oxford community classics centre offers free courses on Latin and Greek, alongside other great activities.

www.scienceoxford.com/live/whats-on : Science Oxford run frequent talks on a range of scientific topics.

www.diamond.ac.uk/Public/VisitUs.html : Diamond Light Source, in Harwell, run occasional visits and talks.


Please use the comments box below to share information or your experience about these or other resources. We'll move comments up to the main list from time to time.

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