Monday, 19 September 2016

Parent Forum & PTA AGM on Tuesday 4 October, and nominations for PTA roles

Dear Parents & Carers

Parent Forum (a ‘Question Time’ with the Headteacher and other school leaders)

Please come to the very first Parent Forum on Tuesday 4 October, at 7pm – a chance for us, as parents and carers, to meet the Headteacher (Chris Price), school governors, and other senior staff in a fairly relaxed setting, and to ask them questions concerning any matters related to the school.  Chris Price will also give a brief introduction touching on issues such as his hopes and plans for future school development; changes to exams and to government evaluation of school performance. 

The Forum will be in the Training Room, which is on North Site (and will be signposted from the main entrance).

The event also serves as the Annual General Meeting of the PTA.   One of the things we need to do in this (short) section is to elect new PTA officersWe need your involvement.  As a parent/carer you are automatically a member of the PTA, and no qualifications or prior experience are required for the roles.  If you think you might have the time and the will to take on any of the roles below, please email to by the end of the day on 3 October.  Job shares are possible, and may be a good way forward if we get two nominations for any role.  The elected roles are:

·           Chair:  lead and take overall responsibility for the running and direction of the PTA; build relationships with the school leadership; set the agenda for PTA meetings; ensure that meetings are purposeful and inclusive.
·           Secretary: take and share minutes of meetings; maintain member records; make sure that all the PTA’s information is maintained and accessible; communicate with members on behalf of the PTA.
·           Treasurer: look after the PTA’s money; prepare regular reports to the PTA committee and members and financial returns to the charity commission; deal with the bank; be part of the joint Development Fund Committee; and ensure that PTA members are kept informed of how their donations have been spent.
·           Year Rep Coordinator: support and recruit parent reps for all year groups, helping to coordinate their initiatives and activities, making sure that the concerns of parents are fed back to the school and the PTA committee.
If you are willing to participate in any other way (for example, be a parent/carer Year Rep, help coordinate the PTA, manage our website, help with occasional PTA or school events, welcome new parents/carers, or fundraise to improve the school), or if you have an initiative of your own you’d like to take forward, please let us know, also at .  You are welcome at all PTA meetings.

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