Monday, 6 June 2016

PTA meeting, 7pm, Wednesday 8th June

Our next PTA meeting is at 7pm on Wednesday 8th June, in the Training Room on North Site.  (There will be signs if you’re not sure where this is!) 
Please note the slightly later time, which is to avoid a clash with the year 12 Higher Education Options Evening.

We’ll be looking at an exciting proposal to change to the structure of the PTA to improve communication between parents/carers and the school, including a twice-yearly ‘Parents Forum’ and bringing the existing Parent Reps into the heart of the PTA, with a clearer role.  Please read the proposal, and then come and discuss it at our meeting at 7pm on the 8th June!  Click here to see the paper!  

If you have any other items for the agenda, please email If you can’t make the meeting, but have ideas on how to improve the proposal, please email

All are welcome!

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