Friday, 15 April 2016

Help update our guide for new parents & carers

Around 3 years ago we wrote a guide for new parents and carers at The Cherwell School, and last year we gave a copy to every new parent & carer when they met at the school in September.  This year we would like to send it out to parents and carers in advance - but we need your help to get it up to date.  Click here for a link to the current version.  We'd be hugely grateful if you could send improvements to Jannie at - or leave a comment on this post.  By the end of April please!

School results

The 2015 exam results are on the school website  - there are separate links for the GCSE and A level results.  OFSTED provide a comparative summary of the school and its results in their ‘school data dashboard’ (this is based on 2014 data).  You can also see the School Performance Tables on the Department for Education's website at - you have to put in details of the school.  This mass of information can be confusing - to us anyway - and in a future meeting we hope to do a more detailed analysis of all this data.  If you can help, or if you have thoughts on what data is most useful, please email Jannie on

PTA coordination meeting on Wednesday 13th April

Chris Price, who has recently been appointed as the new Headteacher for the school, joined us for the first part of the meeting.  A link to the draft minutes are posted on the new 'Minutes of PTA meetings' page - many thanks to Jess Evans for these.  If you want to receive these by email, please sign up to the mailing list using the form on the right.

Thursday, 14 April 2016

A Parents' Forum?

In the February PTA meeting we had a lively debate about parent representation within the school.  Jannie was asked to begin informal discussions with the school on the possibility of a Parents' Forum, and a small group of governors are now looking at ways to improve communications and links between governors/school and parents.  The issue is brought into greater focus since the recent government announcement that the role of parent governors will be phased out.  If you have any ideas on this, please email Jannie on

Saturday, 2 April 2016

Filming club wins prize

The photo shows Luke Malhi and Laura Wilkinson receiving the Judges Award award from Simon Hunt for their film, 'Like Bikes', at the Cyclox Short Film Competition. Before the competition, Laura reported: "This past term we have been working on a number of different projects, mainly a short film we are making about cyberbullying and the importance of recognising it in schools. It is a very exciting project for us, with a new take on our usual style of filming. We have also finished another film; ‘Like Bikes’. This film was an entry for a competition, and is being premiered on the 9th March at an event in Keble College. It will be judged by Will Gompertz (BBC Arts Editor) and the Simon Hunt (Chair of Cyclox), an organisation that works to make Oxford a safer place for cyclists. The Filming Club was initiated and is facilitated by Cherwell parents.


Almost 100 parents have been coming to ‘Parentalk – the Teenage Years’, a six-week parenting course being run at school this term using resources from Care for the Family. There’s a real buzz in North Site Hall on Monday evenings, with lively discussions around the tables, lots of laughter and plenty of cake! We’ve covered issues such as identity and image, peer pressure, communication, conflict and boundaries…it’s so encouraging to find that we all struggle with the same issues, and so helpful to hear how others have tackled them. We’re all in this together and it’s great to be able to learn from and support one another.  (Vicky Lavy)

A reminder of CTAG meeting will take place on Monday 11th of March 2019  at 5:30 pm in the Cherwell North Site training room. Also a g...