Monday, 7 September 2015


Dear Parents and Carers

If you’re new to Cherwell, welcome to the PTA as well as to the school. If you’re an existing parent or carer, welcome back!

We are looking forward to meeting you and hope you’ll want to be involved.

  • Would you like to meet occasionally with other parents/carers in your student's year group, and perhaps talk about common issues? If so, send us an email to letting us know your name and your children’s year group(s), and we’ll put you in touch with the parent representatives for your year. We’ll also let you know about PTA activities and events. (We need more year reps, so if you are willing to be one of these do let us know.) 
  • If you’ve not been to a PTA meeting before, the best introduction might be our Annual General Meeting on Wednesday 4th November, from 6pm onwards. (We’ll be planning the AGM at our regular meeting this Wednesday (9th September) at 6pm in the Training Room on North Site, and of course we’d love you to join us for that too).
  • If you’d like to start a particular project to improve the experience or education of children in the school, tell us about it. We’ll help put you in touch with the right people in the school, and see whether any other parents want to join in. And similarly, if you have any other thoughts or ideas related to the PTA, please email them to me at
  • This website is fairly new and basic: if you are an internet wizard and want to take it over, get in touch!)
We’ll be in touch in a couple of weeks with a more detailed timetable of what we’ll be doing in the coming year - some initial dates are in the 'What's On' page.

All best wishes


Jan Oosthuizen

PTA Chair

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