Thursday, 11 December 2014

Year 11 social

When our children were in Year 9 a GCSE options evening was arranged by the year rep. This was so successful that it has become an annual event for year 9 parents and carers who want to meet others going through the same experience.

There was a follow up for our year group in year 10 and in December 2014 the now Year 11 parents and carers got together for another now year 11 rep initiated social evening. This provided an opportunity for us to share common experiences. The focus for discussion was the GCSE experience so far. Two year 12 parents were also present. Their knowledge of the exams and sixth form was invaluable as they were able to answer all of our questions and allay most concerns. It was really useful to be able to discuss our experiences openly and informally. It enhanced the excellent if more formal occasions offered by the school to find out about GCSE's and life after them.
The evening provided a great opportunity to just meet other parents and carers and just chat!

Look out for more year rep organised events and get involved in building the parent/ carer community.


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