Tuesday, 8 January 2019

I hope you all had great holidays!

The next PTA meeting will take place tomorrow, on the 9th of January 2019 at 7:30 pm in the Cherwell North Site training room.

Please join us and support exciting projects. We look forward seeing you there, all welcome!

Alex Thomas (PTA Chair)

Monday, 10 December 2018

The next PTA meeting will take place on the 9th of January 2019 at 7:30 pm in the Cherwell North Site training room.
Please join us and support exciting projects. We look forward seeing you there, all welcome!

Alex Thomas 

 PTA Chair

Friday, 7 December 2018

Thank you to all who helped and attended the Winter festival.
The school will be in touch with those who won the prizes from the raffle to arrange the hand over.
Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thursday, 6 December 2018

Last minute message from PTA regarding Winter festival

To Those who are turning up to help with the winter festival tomorrow please could we ask you lend some Christmas light and decorations for the event.
You can take them home on the evening if you stay around that long or you can entrust them to us to return them.  

School traffic is likely to be heavy around 3:30 so if you delay until about 3:45 you’ll have an easier job parking.
Thank you and look forward to seeing you all tomorrow.
Cherwell PTA

Monday, 3 December 2018

 Massive thank you to local Summertown community which came together to support Winter Festival at Cherwell school!
Please join us on Friday the 7th of December at Cherwell South Site starting at 4:30 pm!
1.    1st  Prize -donated by Mathnasium, 1 month membership plus Free assessment and Free materials & bottle of champagne donated by a Parent
2.    2nd Prize- donated by Cherwell PTA, £100 cash
3.    3rd Prize-donated by Paint Buzz, 1 x Frenchic Chalk Paint Beginners Workshop & Bottle of wine donated by Tesco
4.    4th Prize-donated by Majestic, wine tasting for 2
5.    Prize donated by Dew Drop INN, main meals for 2 & Bottle of wine donated by Tesco
6.    Prize donated by no38, cocktail Masterclass for 2
7.    Prize donated by Renaissance Beauty, nail shape and polish & Bottle of wine donated by Tesco
8.    Prize donated by Alcock Butchers, £15 voucher & Bottle of wine donated by Tesco
9.    Prize donated by Baby College, baby massage voucher or redeemable towards booking other courses & Bottle of wine donated by Tesco
10.                       Prize donated by Lyster Hair Design, manicure or pedicure & Bottle of wine donated by Tesco
11.                       Prize donated by Sainsbury’s, bottle of sparkling wine
12.                       Prize donated by a Parent, bottle of champagne
13.                       Prize donated by Fusion Leisure Centre, 5 day passes
14.                       Prize donated by Fusion Leisure Centre, 5 day passes

Friday, 30 November 2018

Dear Parents and Carers
The Winter Festival will be held on Friday 7th December 4:30 to 6:30pm, on South Site.
The event brings together the school as the nights draw in and the festive season approaches and it provides students the opportunity to work together on a number of seasonal projects.  This years attractions include a BBQ, school clubs, sports challenge, hot & cold drinks and year group stalls.  We hope to raise funds towards our Gardens Project and consequently the event includes a raffle with lots of excellent prizes.

We would really appreciate your support for this event and our sincere thanks go to those who have already volunteered to help on the night but a few more helping hands would be appreciated. 

Finally, donations of Christmas decorations and lights for the evening (please bring to South Site reception, as of today) would be gladly received and will serve to make the event a little more festive.
To get in touch please contact Alex Thomas (PTA Chair) on
We look forward to seeing you there.  

Thursday, 15 November 2018







Tuesday, 13 November 2018

Cherwell PTA & Parent Forum
30th October 2018
8:00-9:30 pm Training Room - North Site

Present - Cherwell School:  Chris Price (head)

Present -  Parents: Sarah Phibbs, Emma Baxter-Graf, Lana Strmecki, Jane Patton, Zoe Martin, Rosie Callaghan, Rosaleen Cunningham, Hemara Earl, Claire Venard, Michael McDonough, Alex Thomas, Massimo Ghiradani, Elsamannoudi Ihab, Halawani Laila, Milica Vezmor, Julia Drown, Rachel Hoh, Ruth Darso, Alex Cheetham, Silvia Elsner, Suke Wolton, Felice Nassar, Kim Polgreen, Becca Hodgson.


Introduction to the Evening: Purpose and Format
Sarah Phibbs outlined the format and purpose of the evening.

Action by
Chris Price (Head) introduced the history and context of the School Development Plan (SDP) which consisted of 3-year rolling plans.
Explained School Ethos – Opportunity, Responsibility & Excellence.

Key Area 1
KS3 - Encourage ‘intentionality’ to ensure appropriately specific teaching and assessment is performed.

Key Area 2
To focus on explanation. To Explain well and appropriately to the students.

Key Area 3
KS5 behaviours.  Improvement in behaviours reflects improvement in other aspects of learning.

Key Area 4
Improve student wellbeing. Biannual Survey is the key source of feedback.
Collaborate with The Carnegie Centre of Excellence for Mental Health in Schools/Leeds Beckett University.

The school is high performing in the league tables but has poor facilities. 

Table Discussions to identify key questions of common interest. Answered by Chris Price.

Communication in homework (timing and content)
Some parents felt there was too much/too little homework. All children have reading homework every day. There was a drive within the school to move towards specific valued homework rather than pointless tasks. Students were asked to do more reviewing and revision activities. Each faculty has its own homework policies and the School was working to bring all the faculties’ homework policies up to an excellent standard.

All children were taught how to use their planner to record homework.  Teachers set homework at the start of the lessons.
Apps such as ‘show my homework’ were discussed but it was suggested that this would put the onus of organising the homework onto the parents. 
Homework was being discussed in the ‘Student Impact Governors Committee’

Communication of activities (during and after school).
The current methods of communication for parents where listed.
There is a non-teaching deputy year leader who is always available by email or phone.
The school produces a weekly bulletin which specifies school activities.
The school were looking at writing “a brochure” to list all extra-curricular activities, which will be available to parents soon.

What is the School doing to combat drugs and knives at school?

Difficulties were voiced as there was a high level of drugs in Oxford - especially cannabis. Age appropriate education in social wellbeing and visits by professionals. Talks to the Six-Form.
If appropriate, the school will operate its right to search for drugs and knives.
The school works with agencies who give advice to older children.

Currently there was very little evidence of knives in school although it was acknowledged that drugs and knife crime were often linked.
The school is involved in the ‘County Lines’ project with Thames Valley Police.

The school was asked what it was doing to use younger people to help.
The school tried to use professionals from specific service providers rather than relying on teachers.  The school ran a peer listening scheme.

Chris Price emphasised that the school relied on parents to inform them if they hear anything.

The next issue of Cherwell Being was going to focus on Drugs.

What was the School doing to promote healthy eating?

Chris Price stated that he had met with the Catering Company ‘Caterlink’ who were well managed and pushing a healthy eating agenda.  There were strict rules on sugar and salt addition to food.  The School held assemblies on healthy eating and discussed the environmental impact on their food.
A purpose built canteen is needed.

Long View of Students Education
There were three key stages in Cherwell
KS 3 (years 7-9).  At the end, students make their options for GCSE.
KS4 (years 10-11) At the end students take their GCSEs
KS5 (6th Form).  2/3rds students go onto to full time education at the school while 1/3rd go onto to other educational providers or apprenticeships.
The structure was on the School Website under the curriculum links.
The Year Group Reps can be used to coordinate these queries.


Fundraising Presentation

Alex Thomas summarised that Cherwell was a high achieving school but had deficiencies in its facilities.  A sports hall, dining room study spaces were needed as well as improvements and building to create a more present environment for the Students.  He summarised similar fundraising activities in other schools.

He presented a list of vacancies in the Fundraising team and asked for volunteers to take on roles.

Parent Engagement

Hemara Earl introduced herself and the three key aspects of the PTA.  Parent Engagement was key.  She asked for volunteers for Parent Reps.

AGM Business  - Election of a new Committee - and PTA Business

·         Minutes of the 21st November 2017 – PTA AGM  - Approved
·         Accounts (2017-18)  - Approved
·         Auditor – Jo King – Approved
·         Chair – Alex Thomas – Approved
·         Treasurer – Rosie Callaghan -  Approved
·         Secretary – Becca Hodgson – Approved
·         Year Reps – Hemara Earl and Kim Polgreen – Approved

£10,000 of funds in PTA Account should move to the Development Office Account (£4,000 to remain in PTA Account) – Approved.

Next PTA Event is the 7th December – Winter Festival.


I hope you all had great holidays! The next PTA meeting will take place tomorrow, on the 9th of January 2019 at 7:30 pm in the Cherwell N...